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    Address : 31 Darby Street Durban KZN

Core Values

Our Mission

Committed to improving the quality of life regardless of race, creed, culture or religion. Our HIV AIDS initiative is to foster awareness and to reduce the incidene of HIV among South Africans.

To facilitate this we have adopted this intiatives:

We believe that people can have a positive change of behavior brought about by active participation, education and dialogue at grassroots level 

Nutrition and Feeding

GLF attempts to provide nutritional meals to as many disadvantaged beneficiaries as possible in the Durban and Greater area. Donations both in cash and kind are appreciated by GLF as we attempt to provide both school meals and food hampers for impoverished homes.

GLF regards itself as a RELIEF organisation that seeks to combat hunger and poverty through our food drives. We accept all food donations that can assist our beneficiaries.

Positive Lifestyle Awareness

GLF aims to create positive change by engaging our young beneficiaries in Positive Lifestyle Awareness talks and activities through our volunteer  wellness experts. By creating awareness of healthier activities and possibilities GLF aims to encourage our beneficiaries to make healthier long term choices that we hope will assist in lowering  HIV-AIDS teen infection and pregnancy rates in the province.

Positive Lifestyle Choices

GLF creates Positive Lifestyle Awareness with the hope of encouraging beneficiaries to make positive choices that benefit them in the long term by preventing teen pregnancy and HIV-AIDS infection in young people in the province. GLF believes in a Preventative lifestyle that introduces young beneficiaries to alternative activities and lifestyle choices with the aim of encouraging them to practice behaviour that ultimately lowers pregnancy and HIV-Aids rates and decreases the burden on state departments.