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Danny Govender
Founder/ Chairman

Personal Profile

Meet *Danny Govender*, a trailblazing entrepreneur whose journey from humble beginnings has transformed him into a renowned visionary and philanthropist. With a heart committed to serving humanity, Danny is the driving force behind Goodlife Foundation, a Non-Profit Organization that he founded in 1979 and officially registered in 2010.

A true people’s person, Danny seamlessly navigates the realms of business and charity, showcasing a rare ability to lead and accomplish challenging projects.
A dedicated workaholic, he fearlessly rolls up his sleeves, working alongside his team to bring ambitious initiatives to fruition.

Danny’s impact dates back to 1975 when he played a pivotal role in fundraising for World Vision and Operation Hunger, providing crucial aid to those suffering from starvation in the most disadvantaged areas of South Africa.
An award-winning Sales and Marketing professional, he has owned and directed a group of companies, including Goodlife Finance, DSP Auto, Ultimate Vehicle Solutions, and Amandla Glass, leaving an indelible mark in the corporate world.

His commitment to social causes led him to his current role as the Founder/Chairman of Goodlife Foundation and Director of DNP Financial.
Since 2010, Danny has generously donated over 70% of his wealth to charity, embodying his passion to serve humanity.

Beyond his business acumen, Danny is a Fitness and Nutrition guru, offering free advice on healthy living to residents of old age homes and children’s homes. Looking ahead, he envisions educating children about HIV-AIDS and ensuring every hungry child in South African primary schools is fed.

Danny invites like-minded individuals to join forces, leveraging their expertise to drive Goodlife Foundation’s mission of creating a significant societal impact on poverty and hunger.
By uniting, they aim to make South Africa a better place for all, embodying Danny’s unwavering commitment to service.

Danny Govender continues to inspire positive change, leaving an indelible mark on the world with his dedication to the greater good.

Imraan Abdul Haq
National Fundraising Manager

Personal Profile

A well respected individual in Society, Imraan is concerned about the underprivileged and destitute members of community.

Having vast knowledge and experience in banking, Imraan started his career with Trust Bank and then moved on to Absa Bank.
Much later he founded Unique Financial Services which he headed until recently. He has all the required qualifications to render his services as a Financial Consultant.
Of recent he is involved in a few successful online MLM companies.

His compassion is to help the masses that are disadvantaged and for that reason has joined Goodlife Foundation as its current National Fundraising Manager.
His wish and hope is to bring much needed funds to GLF.
We welcome Imraan and wish him all the success with his present senior position.

Start Date: 1May 2024